Thermography is a print process that relies on heat to create raised ink, resulting in an elegant, tactile effect. In this process, a resin powder is applied to the paper, adhering to the ink. After removing the excess powder, the printed piece is heated and the mixture of powder and ink dries, forming the raised effect. Most colors are printed with colored ink and then a clear thermography powder is added. Specifically for gold and silver thermography, it is printed in gold or silver ink and then gold or silver powder is added. This process is a cost-effective way to achieve the look of texture without the added costs of plate-making. When designing for thermography printing, it is best to avoid large, solid areas of color as they may blister and crack when trimming to final size. Small or thin typography is also difficult to achieve with this print process. (Note for custom jobs: Print jobs that require two-sided printing please specify which side you want thermographed, the second side will be flat printed.)